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We express your lifestyle.

At NOVUS PENETRALIS, we consider ourselves not just another interior architectural firm, but a dynamic, creative company with a mix of geometrical and eco-aware studio environment where innovative approaches to design are encouraged. Hence, our designers who love bringing in and playing with new and exciting ideas to interior design came up with this Latin name “NOVUS PENETRALIS”, which essentially means the diffusion of new ideas and designs.

Led by Tenniel Tsang, NOVUS PENETRALIS has offices in both Hong Kong and mainland China, which is staffed with talented architects, interior designers, graphic designers and renderers. All projects are therefore organized as a cross-border effort, with an assigned project manager and architect.

Design for people

We design for the needs of the people we serve and their surrounding environment.  Our focus on the details means that we are always one step ahead of our client, and are fearless in trying new approaches that are purposeful, innovative and compelling.

People-centric culture

At Novus, we work as a family.  Each of our members represents the best talent within their discipline.  We value a plethora of ideas and offer equal opportunity for all, as long as they are committed to creating value.


Design for good

We want to give back to the communities we serve, and empower change through education in design.  We have worked with local universities to encourage creative thinking, and provide continued training for aspiring students.

Driven by perfection

We put design above all else.  Our works seek to transform everyday aesthetics through continuous learning and by fostering a culture of innovation.  We go to great lengths to serve our clients with integrity, and help bring their vision to life.

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