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We have extensive experience in multi-function residential planning, commercial interiors, community planning, educational facilities and exhibition designs.  During the past decade, meticulously tailored solutions and excellent communication skills have won us fruitful and longlasting partnership with our clients.

  • Residential Design

  • F&B Design

  • Hospitality Design

  • Retail Design

  • Office Design

  • Institutional Design

  • Interior Architectural Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Design Consultation

  • Space Planning

  • Corporate Identity

  • Interior Contracting and Administration

​We believe that every good design starts with a sketch.

​The following is a sample of a typical workflow of an interior design project.

(1) Development of Draft

(2) Conceptual Design

(3) Computer-Aided Design and Drafting

(4) Materials and Finishes

(5) Detailed Design

(6) Quality Control

(7) Coordination of Sub-Consultants

(8) Decoration

(9) Follow-Up

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